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Cuyahoga Molded Plastics (CMP) is a quality manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds and molded parts. Under the European Union’s REACH regulation, thermoset molding compounds are considered preparations, while parts molded from thermoset molding compounds (molded parts) are considered articles. Articles are exempt from the registration process prescribed by REACH unless substance(s) contained in the articles are meant to be intentionally released from the article. Parts molded by CMP are not designed to intentionally release substances and are thus exempt from REACH registration requirements. Likewise, parts purchased from CMP can continue to be exported to the European Union (EU) without their chemical components having been specifically registered under REACH.

This same article exemption applies to CMP’s non-EU customers who mold parts from the thermoset molding compounds supplied to them by CMP. Although molding compound is considered a preparation under REACH, if the compound is subsequently molded into parts (i.e. articles) prior to export to the EU the article exemption will apply.

With respect to importing molded parts into Europe, importers have responsibilities under REACH only if the articles are intended to release a substance, or if the article contains a “Substance of Very High Concern” (“SVHC”) above a specified threshold (e.g. 0.1%). Where an otherwise exempt article contains >0.1% of an SVHC, the importer is required to communicate this through its supply chain. As of the date of this letter, Cuyahoga Molded Plastics’ molding compounds and molded parts do not intentionally contain any substances of very high concern in excess of the specified thresholds, thus notification through the supply chain would not be necessary.

In conclusion, Cuyahoga Molded Plastics is always eager to provide you with quality products and services. Please do not hesitate to call should you have additional questions, or need clarification on the information provided above. Contact information below.


Edward J Zalar

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