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January 5, 2017

Dear Valued Customer

At over 600 pages, the European Union’s (EU) REACH regulation is as complex as it is long.  Although this letter will not attempt to describe the myriad requirements of REACH here; it will, however, attempt to describe how REACH affects Cuyahoga Molded Plastics and its direct customers.

Cuyahoga Molded Plastics (CMP) is a quality manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds and molded parts. Under REACH, molded parts are considered articles, while molding compounds are considered preparations.  Articles (more specifically the substances contained in articles) are exempt from the registration process prescribed by REACH unless substance(s) contained in the articles are meant to be intentionally released from the article.  Based on what CMP knows of its customer’s applications and end uses of the parts purchased from CMP, we firmly believe that the molded parts we manufacture are indeed exempt from the REACH registration requirements.   Thus, parts purchased from CMP can continue to be exported to the EU without their substances having been preregistered under REACH.  Nor will full registration be required.

CMP also believes that this same article exemption applies to our non-EU customers who mold parts from thermoset molding compounds supplied to them by CMP.  Although molding compound is considered a preparation under REACH, if the compound is subsequently molded into parts (i.e. articles) prior to export to the EU the article exemption will apply.

To summarize, REACH does not apply to Cuyahoga Molded Plastics with respect to substance registration, nor should it apply to our molded part or molding compound customers who mold parts for subsequent export to the EU.

In conclusion, Cuyahoga Molded Plastics is always eager to provide you with quality products and services.  Please do not hesitate to call should you have additional questions, or need clarification on the information provided above.  Contact information below.

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Download:  Cuyahoga Plastics REACH Statement