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January 5, 2017

Dear Valued Customer

Re: RoHS

Cuyahoga Molded Plastics Corp. (CMP) molding compounds are manufactured with production processes that do not intentionally add or contain banned substances as outlined in the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS2).  However, these substances may be present in adventitious impurities in the raw materials.

With the information provided to us by our suppliers for raw materials used in our formulations, we believe the concentration levels are not present or are below the maximum concentration value permitted, of 0.1% by weight in homogeneous materials, and 0.01% for cadmium.

Where products are molded by CMP, from customer specified or customer supplied materials, inserts or any other aspect beyond our control, CMP is not able to control the existence of banned substances, and is unable to declare the parts compliance with RoHS directives.



Edward J Zalar


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Download:  Cuyahoga Plastics RoHS Compliance Statement